Sous Chef

• The Sous Chef is overall responsible in planning and for smooth flow of kitchen operations and assisting
the Senior Chef in planning and delegation of job assignments, and officiating in his absence.
• The Sous Chef will be responsible for enhancing the Arabic food product that is presented to the guests
and make changes that respond to the marketplace and to guests needs, both present and anticipated.
• Further responsible for maintaining quality of food product and ensuring consistency in food delivery and
• Work in support of team goals and measures effectiveness through the Food & Beverage profit and
service performance of the hotel.
• Control the elements that determine profit and loss and be responsible for all major operating expenses.
• Give direction and be responsible for the implementation of plans.
• Will be responsible for the selection, training and development of the personnel within the department.
• Ensure that all kitchen operations are compliant with legislated food safety regulations, and is
responsible for attaining food cost of sales goals by overseeing ordering, inventories and food controls
for the entire department.
• Assist in the annual planning of the F&B budget as it pertains to the kitchen (food cost, productivities), as
well as implementation and regular monitoring of the budget/forecasts.
• Develop menus for all food operations. Ensure all menu items are costed accurately in coordination with
the Senior Chef and the Cost Controller.
• Ensuring back of house is clean and well maintained-maintain effective preventative maintenance
program for all kitchens.
• Prepare proper daily and weekly requisitions and carefully plans daily ordering of bread, fresh fruits and
vegetables according to the business demand so as to eliminate wastage and spoilage, in absence of the
Senior Chef.
• Responsible for the Stewarding department and its operation-including all results as it pertains to Health
& Safety as per the guidelines laid down by Dubai Municipality.
• Manage and train large culinary staff to ensure performance standards are met on a consistent basis as
per Company guidelines.
• Accountable for the financial performance of the food production areas, including the successful
identification of expense reduction through cost control, proper forecasting and best practices
maintaining quality and standards.
• Responsible for quality, menus of staff food cafeteria and handling food requirements as and when
requested by the Management and Human Resources Dept
A Sous Chef job is one of the most reputable positions in culinary hierarchy. It brings prestige and opens the gates for public recognition for many highly qualified chefs. However, it requires discipline, intensive work, a lot of passion, a thorough preparation at the workplace and an active mind, always ready to learn and be challenged. The Sous Chef has both managerial and culinary responsibilities; therefore he/she needs to excel in both domains in order to successfully conduct all the assigned duties. Here are the most important professional skills and abilities required from a sous chef at Golden Sands Hotel Apartments are as follows:- • Must possess great monitoring abilities, while also performing his regular duties. • Time management to be able to manage both managerial and culinary skills managerial duties so as to perfectly handle all responsibilities. • Management of finances and resources – in charge with establishing the ingredient list, the sous chef must properly manage the available finances and resources. • Good communication abilities and active listening, understanding and learning skills. • Good teaching abilities to train the subordinate staff working under him. • Initiative and passion for cooking for others is an art in which one must always innovate. • Must be flexible and adapt easy to the new working conditions, so that the results are always the best. • Good stress tolerance as the responsibility is huge and so is the level of stress. A good sous chef has a great stress tolerance and transforms negative emotions into edible works of art. • Leadership and Ownership – the sous chef is a good leader, who works along the team for the perfect plates. He/she imposes respect through attitude and through the good choices made along the way. • Works perfect in team – working in a kitchen requires good team spirit, as in most cases a well-organized team has much better results than the same number of individuals working on their own
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